Sewing Glossary

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An ever-growing glossary of sewing terms and techniques.

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To baste in sewing is to make long running stitches by hand or machine.  Basting stitches are temporary and usually come out after you machine stitch a seam.



In sewing, bias refers to a 45 degree angle from the crosswise or lengthwise grain of the fabric. Cutting fabric on the bias grain will produce a piece of fabric with more flexibility than that cut on the lengthwise or crosswise of the grain. Bias binding is cut this way. It is often used to […]



Bobbins are special spools that sit inside your sewing machine.  Your machine will come with a few bobbins, but we recommend picking up more.  Most sewing machines will wind the bobbin for you with a few adjustments. It’s a good idea to wind a couple bobbins in the colour you’re using so you don’t have […]

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