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Even though it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog… [shuffling feet, looking at the ground] …I wanted to share a few resources I’ve come across online that are really excellent for sewers.

Craftsy is a one-stop shop for all things… craftsy! If you’re into knitting, cooking, art or sewing, you definitely want to check it out. Its focus is on online learning, and offers lots of cool classes. There is definitely a community vibe where you can meet and connect with other makers and artists. Their Sewing Club in particular is a great resource for tutorials, patterns (free and available to purchase) and online sewing classes.

Colette Patterns recently started publishing a monthly online pattern magazine, Seamwork, and like everything else Colette Patterns does it is amazing! Each issue has two patterns that can be sewn up in a few hours or less and includes interesting sewing-related articles and tips from a range of writers. In addition, Seamwork Radio is a new podcast that features different makers sharing their stories, thoughts and ideas about sewing and what it has meant for them. Perfect to throw on in your sewing space, non?

Finally, Abby Glassenberg’s fascinating blog While She Naps is fantastic resource for learning about the crafty industry and various aspects of running a small business. She also runs a successful Etsy shop selling stuffies and sewing patterns, so there are plenty of cool sewing ideas and projects as well. Abby is very open and honest about her experiences running a craft business, and includes many other perspectives in her posts as well.  Abby also puts out a podcast featuring lots of big names from the sewing and craft worlds, so you definitely want to check it out.


A whole other online resource that has to be included here is INSTAGRAM! If you are a late adopter, you definitely want to get on there — it’s like a nonstop sewing bonanza just waiting for you. Because it is essentially a feed of photos it is a fantastic place to go to admire others work and get ideas for your own projects. I love that you can follow crafters and artists to see their process and latest projects, as well as bits and pieces of inspiration from their daily lives. The sewing community on Instagram is amazing and definitely made Me-Made-May a lot more fun last year with the #mmmay hashtag. Be sure to follow us @sewingschool as well as Jordy’s account which includes some sewing @jordynnmackenzie and my mostly art account @j.krecklo.naidu! Other sewing accounts I love include @folkfibers, @bookhou, @berlinquilter and @carriestrine.


Did we miss any of your favourite sewing sites, podcasts or Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments!

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