Handmade Halloween: Minion Edition!

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So I went a little crazy with my Halloween costume this year and made myself into a Minion. I saw Jess’ super cute Bert and Ernie costumes and thought I’d share mine too.

There’s actually very little sewing that went into this if you don’t count the (very hot…temperature wise) fleece shirt that I made for under the minion. Oh and the overalls… I made those too in the summer  – Kwik Sew 2331


I’ll give you an idea of how I made the Minion!

I purchased a twin foam mattress cover (the kind with the divots all over) and rolled it into a tube and hot glued it down. I wanted to sew it, but my machine wasn’t having it and hot glue seemed to keep everything together. Then I cut petal shapes (about 6) all around the top – basically taking out triangles of foam every 8 or so inches,  and glued each of them together at the seams. That made a tube with a rounded top. Next, I cut a face hole (where the eyeball is… see below) and arm holes from the sides.

From there it was just a matter of making a slip cover for the outside out of fleece and gluing everything together.

I made an eyeball out of a pie plate, foam, felt, and a bit of fishnet nylons so I could see out of it (if only a little!) The eyeball pivoted at the top to allow me to eat, drink, and breathe. Man, did I ever need that porthole in the eyeball…. hottest costume ever! But it was so fun.

I used black pipe cleaners on the top for some minion-ey hair and felt for the mouth. The strap for the goggles is just a bit of 2″ black elastic.

…and then I danced.


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