Handmade Halloween: Bert & Ernie Edition!

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I love it when people get really into Halloween (for example, Jordynn: See Exhibits A, B and C). That said, I’m usually happy to be a bystander to their awesomeness and haven’t really made many Halloween costumes in my day.

But this year, I was game!

Since my son was born, I’ve been joking that we’d be Bert and Ernie for Halloween – he looks so much like Ernie with his big goofy smile and messy hair, and I am basically Bert embodied in a 31-year-old woman. When my mummy group decided to have a Halloween party, I knew I had to do it! (As a side note: 8 babies in costume!! Ahhh!!)

So, a couple of visits to Value Village later, one Bert hat I bought from the Creativ Festival last weekend, and a few hours of cutting and stitching in front of the TV, I came up with these:

Ernie looks a bit better from the side…

It was so much fun to make these costumes! Visiting Value Village during peak Halloween shopping season was really fun, overhearing everyone getting excited about their finds and brainstorming with their friends. It was really hectic, almost like the mall on Christmas Eve, but the atmosphere was great. I found a couple of Bert and Ernie-esque striped tops and also picked up a couple of baby t-shirts to cut up for the cuffs and collars.

I’m particularly proud of the dickie I fashioned out of a onesie! I never thought I’d make a dickie in my life, but I guess there’s a first for everything.

My best find was a Cars baby toque that I made into the Ernie hat. I cut off the earflaps and reattached them as ears, folded up the brim to hide the graphic print, and attached a clown nose, felt and yarn to the back of the hat. In total, it took about an hour of quick and dirty sewing. I made sure to sew everything to the hat rather than glueing so it would hold up a little better against a curious 7-month-old.

The moral of this story is Halloween is awesome and I finally understand why people love creating costumes so much! I’m sure next year my son will want to be zombie Captain America or something, so I’m glad I went ahead with Bert and Ernie this year!

As a semi-related side note, I have to recommend a documentary I watched on Netflix last year about some dudes in the US who are obsessed with creating haunted houses – The American Scream. These are definitely not Halloween bystanders!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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