How to Make a Monogrammed Greeting Card

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My husband’s cousin is getting married next month, and since we couldn’t make it to Bombay for the wedding I wanted to at least send a special card. I decided to make a card with the groom and bride’s initials. The card I made was very simple to stitch up but I think it packs a big visual punch! This is how I made it…

To make a monogrammed greeting card:

  • You will need:
    • A blank card and envelope (the thicker the paper, the better)
    • Fabric scraps
    • Glue
    • Embroidery floss and needle
  • First, sketch out your letters in pencil. I looked around on the web to find a font that I liked.
  • Next, cut out scraps of fabric for the thick parts of your letters and glue them in place.

  • Now you are ready to embroider the outline.  Using a running stitch, carefully go around each letter. This should be done very delicately to avoid ripping holes in the paper card. A few tips that may help with this step:
    • You may choose to poke holes around the outline prior to stitching so that you have an easier time stitching through the paper.
    • I found it helpful to hold my card up to a window/light as I was stitching so I could see my pencil outline from the back of the card and know where to my needle in.
    • Go as slow as you need to!!!

(And the back)

  • You may like the way your card looks like at this point and stop here. I wanted to embellish my letters a bit more, so I used 3 strands of my embroidery floss to add some additional detail. I reused some of the holes in the card I’d already made so I didn’t weaken the paper too much. Other ways to embellish your letters could include adding beads, sequins, fancy embroidery stitches or going around the outline in a different colour of embroidery floss. You could also add a border.

The result has a really nice raised effect…

I think this is terrific for a greeting card (what about writing “Ho Ho Ho” or “Joy” for a Christmas card?), but there are lots of other possibilities for using this lettering technique. You could write out a baby or kid’s name to hang in their room, monogram a cushion or tote bag… the possibilities are endless!

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  1. This is a great idea, thank you for inspiration. That card just inspired me for something new to create myself.

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