Show & Tell: The Quilt I’m Not Going to Care About

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This summer, I lovingly stitched up a baby quilt for my little guy. I carefully planned the colour scheme and pattern so that it would be suitable for a boy or girl, used my very favourite fabrics and hand quilted it so it would be extra special.

I took a completely different approach for the next quilt I made. I wanted to make a quilt that I could throw down on the grass, and  spread out on my living floor for my son to roll around on and play on. In short, this was a quilt that we were going to use! Because it was meant to be functional, I made sure that I wouldn’t get too precious with this quilt. I dug up some cheap, old fabrics from the depths of my fabric stash, and used a very cheap piece of canvas from Value Village for the back. I also chose a very simple design that would be quick to piece together. Finally, I decided what better project to try out sashiko quilting on than this — the big stitches would be nice and durable, and I wouldn’t have to be too precise with my stitching.

You’d think the result of this process would be a mess, but I love the way this quilt turned out!

After piecing the quilt top, the remainder of the work was done from the comfort of my couch (very handy when you have a baby!). I love the use of sashiko by Maura of Folk Fibers and thought this was a perfect quilt to try it out on. It was a much quicker technique than I expected. I think next time I won’t wing it as much as I did here, and try to make my stitching more uniform and straight… but for this quilt, I don’t mind how wonky my stitching looks! The plaid also helped to keep my stitching semi-straight!

The sashiko also looks pretty cool on the other side of the quilt. (I tried to take a picture of the back, but my kitty insisted that I take a glamour shot of him instead.)

I decided to turn up the edges of the backing fabric to bind the quilt rather than use separate binding fabric, both to keep it simple but also to save on how much fabric I used. Again, I did it all by eye which I probably wouldn’t do again, but it doesn’t look too shabby! I hand sewed the binding more because I could do it on the couch rather than anything else!

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t conclude my post without some photos of my quilt in action? One little guy I know is ready to have some fun times on his new quilt!


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