Adventures in Costume Making – Part Deux

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My friend Jen is awesome at Halloween. In past years, her handmade Halloween get-ups have included Jem, the Log Lady from Twin Peaks, and monster Geena Davis from Beetlejuice. You may have seen her previous guest post on everyone’s favourite costume, the zombie Carebear. This year Jen kept her tradition of winning at Halloween alive by stitching up an awesome couples costume and tells us about it this guest blog post.  

Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year.  When I had a yard (and trick or treaters), I used to spend days creating homemade Halloween decorations; Tombstones, ghosts, bats and skeletons would be covering my yard.  Now that I live in an apartment building, I’ve scaled back my decorations.  However, I still put a lot of effort into making my own costumes every year.

This year I had a limited amount of time, so I wanted to do something quick that would also be inexpensive.  There is a cartoon that I’m quite fond of called Adventure Time.  It stars two main characters, Jake and Finn. Jake is a yellow dog and Finn is a boy who wears an animal hat.  I knew I could rope my partner into dressing up as one of the characters.  He went as Finn and I went as Jake.

I began searching the internet for people who had already created these costumes.  I stumbled upon a great blog called A Patchwork World.  She had already created costumes for her kids and was nice enough to provide a tutorial for both Finn and Jake.  These were incredibly helpful in creating my costumes.

For the Finn costume, I used the tutorial for the Finn hat, bought a dollar store sword and a blue t shirt.  The Jake costume was a little more time consuming.  I created the basic shape for the costume, and created a support in the top with some cardboard glued inside.  I also added a bolster pillow to create some height. I cut out a space for my head.  I had to do this while trying it on, so I’m sure if anyone was watching, it was probably a pretty odd sight.  Then I cut out the other pieces to fit, using the blog tutorial as a guide.  I wore yellow clothes to complete the look.

Overall, it was actually a pretty quick costume.  I was handing out candy at a friend’s house and even had a few kids recognize me, which is always a good sign.  There are only 364 days until next Halloween, and I can’t wait!  Have you ever made your own costume?  How did it turn out?

Thanks to Jen for sharing her Halloween handiwork with us! (And be sure to check out her vegan/gluten-free cooking blog, Two Cups of Love!)

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