DIY Bridal Bouquets… in Action!

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This summer, my good friend Fiona got married and asked me to make the bouquets for the bridal party (herself and 6 bridesmaids). After many weeks of trying to think of something special to make, and many more weeks of stitching these babies together, the result was 7 bouquets that we were both really happy with. They added a special handmade touch to the day and were really inexpensive. In total, the materials were less than $20 which is an amazing bargain — I spent many (many) times that buying real bouquets for my wedding last year!

I wanted to make these bouquets as eco-friendly as possible, considering Fiona is really outdoorsy and has built her career around educating people about nature and environmental issues. For the flowers, I used leftover and second-hand fabrics, and the stems are branches I gathered from my backyard. The raffia is from the craft shop, but I assume it’s eco-friendly too…?

In the pictures below, you can see the difference before and after I put together the bouquets. I wish I’d chosen something more flexible for the stems because the stiff branches meant the flowers all got squashed together. It’s too bad you can see the flowers better, but they still looked okay. You’ll see on the right that I made the bride’s bouquet about twice as big as the bridesmaid bouquets and used a couple of different fabrics to coordinate with her wedding colours of blues and purples.

And, I can’t resist showing an action shot of the lovely bride and her ladies (I’m standing to the right of the bride in this photo). The wedding took place on a lookout for this beautiful waterfall in Letchworth State Park in New York. It was so amazing to have this as the setting, with the sound and mist from the falling water during the ceremony.

I would recommend these bouquets for any DIY brides out there… I wish I’d done something similar for my own wedding!

Check out Sewing School’s tutorial showing you how to create your own fabric rose bouquets!

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