Dave & Annie’s Buzz Saw Quilt

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Last weekend we travelled to Thunder Bay for the wedding of two good friends, Dave and Annie. It was awesome to be part of their special day and our first visit to northwestern Ontario was super fun!

We gave Dave and Annie a buzz saw quilt as a wedding gift. I’ve been dying to post pictures of the finished product, so without further adieu, here she be:

Dave and Annie met while tree planting, so I chose earthy colours and fabrics so it would have some special significance to them. I was really glad they liked it, and it even goes with their place!

This quilt was a great learning experience for me, and probably the most complicated design of the 5 quilts I’ve made. The buzz saw pattern took some extra planning, but I love the result. I started it last summer so I wouldn’t have to rush and could enjoy the process. This was the first time I hand sewed my quilt binding. I had no idea it would take so long but the end result was really neat and clean. It was actually quite enjoyable to sew with a needle and thread after machine sewing for so long! I will definitely hand sew all my bindings in the future!

Here are some progress pics I took over the last few months:

If you like this pattern, check out our buzz saw quilt tutorial — you can use this technique to make any size of quilt!

…And, just for kicks, here are some bonus pics of awesome wooden crests from the Thunder Bay city council chamber, where the wedding took place! Aren’t they awesome? I want to hang these all over my house! :)

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