I’m So Excited, And I Just Can’t Hide It

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Zack – Quilting? You mean you really are working on Farmer’s Wife quilt blocks?

Jessie – I need them…

Zack – Give me those!

Jessie – I need them! Zack, I have to quilt!

Zack – Jessie, you can’t quilt tonight!



So, I’m having way too much fun working on this Farmer’s Wife sampler quilt. I haven’t needed an intervention from Zack Morris quite yet, but there’s plenty more quilting ahead. For now, I wanted to share my progress!

#2 Autumn Tints

#9 Box

#15 Buzzard’s Roost

#23 Country Farm

#30 End of Day

#102 Whirlpool

…and a progress shot for good measure.

I love the way that this is turning out, although it’s a bit brighter and more colourful than I’d planned. I taped these blocks up in my kitchen to take this photo. I actually love the way they looked next to my kitchen table and patio doors so now I’m leaning towards using the Farmer’s Wife blocks to create one or two wall hangings that I can enjoy every day rather than making a blanket that I know I’ll think will be too special to use.

It’s been so fun to try different patchwork patterns in the various blocks without having to make the same block over and over again.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress… and let’s hope that it doesn’t get too Jessie Spano up in here!

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  1. Jen says:

    Loving the SBTB reference, but loving the quilt progress even more! Keep it up!

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