Tutorial: Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up

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I’m a girl who loves a good puzzle. Word puzzle, number puzzles, or a good old fashioned jigsaw puzzle! I haven’t completed a jigsaw puzzle in my adult years, so I decided that it was time to get crackin’. However, I knew that I wouldn’t finish a 1000 piece puzzle in one sitting (or 10 sittings!) so I needed a way to stow it away in between puzzle sessions. In comes the jigsaw puzzle roll up!

You can buy these at game shops, but they usually come with that ugly green felt and are rather pricy.. and besides, we are crafty people – let’s make one!

Sew a Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up by Sewing School

You will need:

Sew a Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up by Sewing School

  • a large piece of felt (as wide as the length of your tube and long enough to fit your puzzle plus a little extra)
  • a poster tube or a wrapping paper tube. I like the poster tube because it has a bigger circumference, which makes it easier to roll up when it’s full of puzzle pieces. You can get one at the post office.
  • scissors
  • pins
  • ribbon
  • tape measure
  • thread

Step 1

Measure the length of your tube and trim your fabric to size.

Sew a Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up by Sewing School

Step 2

Measure the circumference of your tube and divide that measurement by two.

Fold over one end of your fabric about an inch over that measurement and pin. My tube had a 10″ circumference, so I folded my fabric over at about 6″ or 7″ and pinned at 5″.

Jigsaw Roll up tutorial by sewing school

Step 3

Stitch along your pinned seam (removing the pins as you go, of course!) Then stitch about 1/4″ away from that seam – on the opposite side of the folded part and trim the seam. Tack the raw edge down with a wide zig zag stitch.

Jig saw puzzle roll up tutorial by Sewing School

Step 4

You can hem the opposite edge of the rollup the same way, or you can leave it unhemmed if you’d like. Felt won’t unravel on you.

Jig saw puzzle rollup tutorial by Sewing School

Step 5

The next step is the closure. I opted for ribbon, but you can use velcro or yarn or whatever you’d like.

If you’re using ribbon, stitch it down on the back side from the edge to about 3/4 the diameter of your tube. Back stitch at the ends to secure.

Jig saw puzzle rollup tutorial by sewing school

And that’s it! Put your tube into the pocket that you stitched in the beginning – it might be a tight fit, but it should make it.

Then roll the whole thing up and tie up your ribbon.

jig saw puzzle rollup tutorial by Sewing School

You’re ready to puzzle it up!

jig saw puzzle rollup tutorial by Sewing School

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