Fun With Muslins!

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We all know that you should always make a muslin before starting work on a garment… but really, when you have an awesome pattern and some brand new fabric you can’t wait to cut into, who wants to spend the time on a test run?

This is exactly how I felt when I wanted to get going on some Clover pants by Colette Patterns last weekend. I didn’t want to spend the extra time, but since I’d never sewn a pair of pants before I decided to do things right the first time.

My solution for making muslins fun? Use hilarious fabric! 

Sure, making a muslin out of, well, muslin isn’t the most thrilling way to spend your sewing time. But if you have some crazy fabric stashed away from a thrift shop, fabric sale or a past project, simply make a muslin out of that and hilarity will ensue! You can test out your new summer dress pattern using camo, or get the fit for your fall jacket pattern using neon ’80’s fabric! Just make sure the fabric you use has roughly the same weight and stretch as your good fabric.

For my Clovers, I used some medium weight houndstooth fabric I’d bought at a thrift store to make my muslin. I found the result — which I refer to as my “Bingo Pants” —  pretty entertaining, and I was able to see where I needed to adjust the finished pants to get the right fit. If I hadn’t made the muslin I would have wasted my Saturday afternoon making a pair of pants that I couldn’t wear!

Making a muslin will guarantee that your final garments look and fit great — and if it takes a pair of Bingo Pants to get there, then so be it!

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  1. LYNN says:

    I did this when making a new skirt from scratch (made my own pattern – so had to test it first!!) but I didn’t have any muslin — I did have lots of turquoise (!!) gingham fabric though.

    The skirt fit was perfect, so now waiting to buy the super expensive designer fabric to make the real thing – the ‘muslin’ version will then be unpicked and reused

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