Show and Tell: Fabric-Inspired Wedding Invites!

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You may recall from our sewn greeting card post last summer that I had big plans to stitch up 100 invitations for my spring wedding. Well, six months later I scrapped that idea for something a little less sweatshop-like. Instead, I asked the oh-so-talented Jordy to use her mad Adobe Illustrator skillz to design some fabric-inspired invitations, and they turned out better than I ever imagined!

I wanted to go for something bright and fun, with a retro feel to it, so we used an image of this amazing vintage fabric of Jordy’s as a starting point:

Jordy was able to work her Photoshop magic to make the floral match my orange and purple colour scheme (don’t ask me how!). I love how vibrant the colours are, and how the grain of the fabric comes through to give it some texture.

Jordy pieced together an arrangement of flowers from the fabric for the front of card, giving it a vintage feel.

And when you open the card, BAM! A cheery, bright pattern that is perfect for a spring wedding! So far every RSVP we’ve received mentions how nice the cards are, so I’m going to go ahead and consider this design a success.

In the end, I don’t get to say that I sewed my wedding invites, but at least they still incorporate my love of sewing. And look awesome.

Now that these are sent out, my thoughts are turning to everything else that I want to sew for the reception (…table runners…garlands…flowers…placemats…) so hopefully there will be more wedding posts coming soon!

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