Christmas Sewing Done! (Part I)

Posted in: Handmade Holiday, Show and Tell — By on December 12, 2011 11:53 AM

Back in September I vowed to make two quilts in time for Christmas and I’m proud to say that both are finished! To be honest, it’s mainly because I’m moving on Saturday and had to pack up my sewing machine, and not because I’ve miraculously been cured of my procrastinitus… whatever works, right?

I’m posting the first quilt right now because I’m super excited about it and I’m pretty sure my Dad isn’t big on sewing blogs.

Here it is…!

I made the pattern based on a zig zag quilt, using a different colour arrangement (check out the tutorial here!). I was really nervous with this one, because I’ve never used beige or brown in a quilt before and because the fabrics weren’t totally matchy, but I love how it turned out.  The dark brown fabric really pulls all the colours together.

For this quilt, I used a vintage sheet for the backing and for the binding around the edges. I made the mistake of cutting my binding along the grain of the fabric, and it ended up looking pretty sloppy.  In the future, I’ll definitely cut the binding along the bias or just role up the backing fabric and stitch it down to make a border.  Live and learn!

I hope that my Dad likes it! And, on the off chance that he is a reader of craft blogs, please act surprised when you open this at Christmas!

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