A Pressing Matter

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I love to sew, but I have a bad habit of taking shortcuts sometimes. One of my worst habits is that… I don’t press my seams.  There, I said it!

There are so many reasons to press your seams open:

  • Your seams look neat and crisp
  • The quilt/garment/piece will be flatter
  • It cuts down the bulk from two extra layers of fabric – a big difference when sewing complicated projects or piecing a quilt
  • It makes “stitching in the ditch” much easier
  • Most importantly, it’s a way of hiding little mistakes and puckering!

These are all wonderful qualities of the pressed seam.  That said, not having to walk over to my ironing board every two minutes is pretty wonderful too, hence me taking the lazy way out and not bothering.

Until now.

I’ve decided to experiment with sewing as properly as I can for the zig zag quilt that I’m currently making. That means this week I spent about two hours pressing open the seams for all 216 of my quilt blocks. Honestly, it felt like I was doing penance for all my sewing sins! But, I can already see how much nicer my quilt blocks look as a result, so I’m determined to keep it up. I’m hoping to get better at sewing clothes in the new year, so I think getting used to doing things the right way will help me then.

So, fair reader, mark my words — every seam will be pressed open, every measurement will be as exact as possible, and I’ll try my best to do everything right!

(Ahem, check back on that in a month)

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