Adventures in Costume Making

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Since Halloween is almost here, we have a special treat for you.  My friend Jen has a long history of awesome Halloween costumes, and we’ve asked her to share one of her greatest hits: the zombie care bear from 2009.  

Read on…if you dare!

My favourite holiday is Halloween.  Why, you ask?  Well, being able to stroll around in a ridiculous outfit is my main reason.  Plus, candy is involved.

Every year, I love making my own costume.  I’m free to be as crazy and embarrassing to others as I want.   A couple of years ago, I decided to go as a zombie care bear.  It was a lot of work, but I was pretty happy with the results.  I only wish that I had more reasons to dress up in this costume.  One can dream…..

I used a basic animal jumpsuit costume pattern to start, and went from there.  I chose a pink fleece/fake fur fabric for the body of the costume.  I added a white square of canvas for the patch on the stomach.  The brain was painted with regular acrylic paint.  Fake fur can be a bit frustrating to sew, so patience is key! (I say that now, but I will admit that patience is not a virtue of mine….) I’ve found that the best way to sew fake fur is to make sure that you are always sewing it with the right sides together, which you would usually be doing anyway.  This way, the bits of fur are mostly contained in the middle.

I made my mask from scratch, using a mix of paper mache, tinfoil and masking tape.  I also decided that my costume would be incomplete without a fake arm bone, which I also made out of paper mache.  I added some cartoonish felt blood drips all over to complete my costume.

Days of feverish cutting and sewing later, my costume was complete.  The costume was a success, although I underestimated how hot a full suit of fake fur could be!  A handmade Halloween costume can be a bit more work, but I can personally say that the results are worth it!

Thanks Jen for sharing your zombie care bear costume with us! You can check out more of Jen’s creations in her Etsy shop and her vegan cooking blog!

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