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Has it been a year of Sewing School already?? It sure has!  Happy birthday to us!

For year one, we really wanted to make sure our readers had everything they needed to know to get stitching.  We published two series for beginners, Sewing 101 and Meet Your Machine, and have started compiling a handy sewing glossary (that is growing every month). We also answered your questions in our Ask Sewing School series — keep those questions coming!  We hope that with these resources, along with our  tutorials and inspiration posts, you’ve tackled a new sewing project and tried a new thing or two.

In the next year, stay tuned for more intermediate and advanced tutorials and techniques, as well as more interviews, advice and links. Jessica has been on a quilting kick, so keep an eye out for new tutorials in our Block Party series. Jordynn is really in to making her own clothing lately, so she’ll be posting lots of tips and tricks that she picks up along the way.

Let us know what you’d like to see on Sewing School in the future — drop us a line in the comments, or email us at

Thanks for following Sewing School for the last year! Our readers get an A+!

Jessica & Jordynn

Here are some of the highlights of year 1 from us Sewing School gals…


Favourite post:

My favourite Sewing School posts have been our Pop Quiz interviews with people who are sewing up some awesome things. It’s been great to interview the amazingly talented people we’ve featured in the last year, including Amanda McCavour, Natalie Purschwitz and Supayana (shown below, clockwise from top).

Crafty highlight of the year:

For me, having our books signed by Amy Sedaris when she was in town promoting Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People was so awesome! I still can’t believe we met her!

Favourite sewing project:

My favourite sewing project from the last year is actually still in progress — it’s a zig zag quilt that I’m making as a Christmas gift.  I pray that I won’t still be working on it this time next year!

Coolest thing you learned this year:

For me, the coolest thing I learned in the last year was how to use Jordynn’s industrial sewing machine.  It certainly came to the rescue while we stitched up 100 mystery bags for the Handmade Holiday craft show.  That thing had power!

Technique to try in the next year:

Mark my words: 2011/12 will be the year of the serger! I am determined to master the art of serging, and finally make something from my Sew U Home Stretch, which is currently gathering dust on my bookshelf.

Project to try in the next year:

My biggest project in the next year will be to sew my wedding invitations — but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it after making this congratulations card as a prototype.  Note: Check back next year to see if this one actually happens.


Favourite post:

I can’t pick just one.  So, I’ll say that my favourite posts are the ones in our Meet Your Machine series.  I love the mechanical aspect of sewing!  Mastering the basics of the sewing machine and practicing regular maintenance will make sewing a lot more fun.  (I also really liked doing all those technical illustrations!)

Anatomy of a Sewing Machine


Crafty highlight of the year:

Our Handmade Holiday craft show, of course!  We made the bags last year and our friends Kid Icarus screen printed them.  Jessica’s right – the industrial machine is fun!

Favourite sewing project:

Sewing with Leather

I’d have to say the bag that I made my boyfriend.  Sewing with leather was a new experience for me and I’m so happy with how the bag turned out.  I think I finally learned that if you take your time with a project, you’ll probably get better results…  and that prep work is often boring and never-ending, but will save you time and frustration in the long run.

Coolest thing you learned:

(See above)

Technique to try in the next year:

I’m just about to start a muslin for the Lady Grey by Colette.  I never make muslins!  But I’m trying to change that.  I’m totally inspired by what I’ve seen online and I’m determined to learn how to make clothes for myself that fit properly and look good.  I’m going to try to master finishing techniques, top stitching and of course, making a muslin!

 Project to try in the next year:

We’re renovating our home and redecorating, so I’m going to be sewing roman shades for my entire house pretty soon.  I also have a plan to recover one of our chairs.  I already have the (expensive) fabric and cushions, but I’m just waiting for the courage to get started!


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  1. Mary says:

    Congratulations Jessica and Jordynn on a fabulous first year of Sewing School. It has been a pleasure to follow your inserts as the year progressed. I feel well informed and ready to tackle new projects. You have shown me that “SEWING IS FUN”. Best Wishes on all your future endeavors. Mary

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