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We did a post back in April listing of our all-time favourite sewing/craft/design blogs. Since then, we’ve come across some more great sites that are chock full of tutorials, ideas and inspiration.  These blogs are sure to make it into your favourites! (Click on the images to link to each blog!)

Coletterie, a sewing blog published by Colette Patterns, is an amazing resource for seamstresses of all skill levels (especially if you are into vintage and retro style).  I check this blog every day! There are tons of tutorials with very easy-to-follow instructions and photos.  There are also sew-alongs and interviews, so the content is fresh and interactive.  An awesome feature of the Coletterie is that you can sign up to receive their weekly sewing tips, “Snippets”, right in your inbox. And, as a final note, this is such a well-designed website!! Everything is so pretty!

…Speaking of pretty, oh hello friend is one of the prettiest little blogs you ever did see.  Danni, the woman behind oh hello friend, is a graphic designer, and you can tell that she’s given attention to every last detail — her personal style comes through in every post.  I love looking at oh hello friend for inspiration and links to interesting artists or crafters… every week there are featured Etsy shops, photos, fashion and miscellaneous well-designed things. One of my favourite features of this blog are the monthly desktop wallpaper calendars that are available for download!

Do you remember watching Sewing with Nancy on PBS way back when? Well, Nancy Zieman has a blog! It’s a great resource with lots of tips and tricks from a seasoned sewing expert, which is a perspective that can be hard to come by on a sewing blog! There is also a feature where you can ask Nancy your sewing questions — just imagine, sewing advice from a craft celebrity! (…am I the only person who finds that cool?)

In Colour Order is a great little blog if you dig quilts and vintage fabrics… I certainly do! Jeni, the lady behind this blog, is a prolific quilter, sewer and thrift store shopper, so she is always posting new photos of her completed projects and vintage treasures, as well as other quilts for inspiration.  And most posts are concluded with bunny photos.

The Sew Weekly is a vintage-inspired fashion blog that features a weekly project for readers to sew along with.  The blogger behind the Sew Weekly, Mena, posts about vintage fabrics and patterns, sets a theme for readers to sew along with each week and writes about the garments she sews (and any trials and tribulations she may have encountered…). There is a very active community on this site that share photos and reviews, as well as lots of really great links to other tutorials and sewing blogs.

Like hilarious/cool/crazy crafts? has got’em. Check out Craftzine for all kinds of DIY and craft related tutorials, links, videos, podcasts and a forum.  Now!

If embroidery is your thing, you will love the Wild Olive blog.  Lots of cute project ideas here, with crafty tutorials, links and inspiration thrown in for good measure. There are also extensive download sections with free embroidery patterns and printable goodies. You definitely want to check this website out if you’re in to stitching!


Are any of your favourite blogs or websites missing from our list?  Share your favourites in the comments section!

Plush laptop images courtesy of Pashut.  Check out Pashut on Etsy for more awesome stuffed stuff!

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