Not Procrastinating Since 2011…

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Mark my words: I am not going to be sewing on December 24.

Even though I’ve been doing the 9-to-5 since last year, I wanted to use some of that gung ho ‘back to school’ energy to my advantage. I used my Labour Day to get a jump start on my holiday sewing by working on a zigzag quilt for someone who will remain nameless. (Check out our tutorial for a zigzag quilt block!)

I started with a trip to The Workroom in Parkdale where I stocked up on some discounted fat quarters and splurged on some beautiful fabric by Pat Bravo. Afterwards, I spent the day washing, ironing and cutting out all of my squares (which was made much more fun by a couple of Big Ideas podcasts and Outkast).

The plan is to have alternating zig zag stripes of bright blue and navy blue, with the white/grey fabric in between. This is the first quilt I’ll be making that has triangles as part of the design, so I’m hoping everything lines up well and doesn’t look wonky.  (Stay tuned!)

As far as the colour scheme goes, I was inspired to use the light grey/blue combo when I was flipping through photos from my trip to London, England this past spring. I loved the way that the overcast skies looked with the blue accents on bridges or buildings, and how blue skies contrasted with concrete and white or grey buildings:

The aforementioned Pat Bravo fabric that I splurged on was the perfect backdrop for the rich blues and navies, and is what I’ll be using for the alternating stripes.  The specks of grey, white, peach and green give it a very light quality that has the perfect amount of pop.  It reminds me of a picture I took in Holland Park in London:

I can’t wait to see how this quilt shapes up! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the finished product.

…And a note to future Jessica: If you are still working on this on December 24, I am not to blame!

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