Put The Right Foot Forward! Part 1

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You can get away with just using an all-purpose foot and a zipper foot for most sewing projects, but there are loads of different presser feet out there that can save you a lot of time and help give your projects a professional finish.

We’ve put together this roundup of some of the handiest sewing machine feet to have in your sewing kit…
Depending on your machine, the presser feet you use may or may not have a shank.  The shanks come in different varieties too – so make sure you get a presser foot that is compatible with your machine!  We’ve shown different styles for variety.

All-Purpose Foot

All-Purpose Presser Foot

This is your go-to presser foot. Your machine will come with an all-purpose foot, whether or not you have any other presser feet.  This foot will hold your fabric in place while you sew to prevent puckering and to create even stitches. Unlike other presser feet, the hole on the top of this foot will be large enough for your needle to go through in any position, for any stitch your machine can do.

Zipper Foot

Zipper Presser Foot

This foot will make inserting zippers infinitely easier!  It has a narrow arm on one side that holds you fabric in place, and a gap on the other side that allows you to sew flush with your zipper.  Some zipper feet can be snapped onto you machine on either side of the arm, allowing you to sew zippers on either side.  This foot can be also be used when adding piping or trim.

Satin Stitch / Decorative Stitch Foot

Satin/Decorative Presser Foot

This is a foot that can be used when doing satin stitches for applique, or other decorative stitching.  Because these stitches tend to be thicker than your more basic stitches, the decorative stitch foot has an indent on the bottom to allow raised stitching to pass through and to evenly feed the fabric.

Quilting Foot

Quilting Presser Foot

A quilting foot will help with precise seams and pivoting when piecing your quilt together.  It features a tiny hole for your needle to go through, with one arm that is 1/8″ wide, and one that is 1/4″ wide for an easy guide while stitching,  There are also markings for 1/8″ and 1/4″ inch on the foot that you can use when pivoting.  You can only use a straight stitch or very narrow stitches with this foot.

Bias Binder Foot

Bias Binding Presser Foot

This foot allows you to turn a strip of fabric into neatly stitched binding.  The bias binder foot is specially designed to fold, feed and flatten the binding as you sew, sandwiching it around your fabric.

Hemmer Foot

Hemmer Presser Foot

The hemmer foot will make a very narrow double folded edge on your fabric and sew it in place as you go.

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