Sewing Tools: Pins

  • Flat (metal) head pins have metal heads that are ‘flat’ on top and can be ironed. Use these if you don’t want the head to get in the way. Dressmaker’s pins have flat heads.
  • Plastic head pins come in ball or flat shapes and are easy to see. Flat plastic heads lie flat under a ruler or tape measure. But be careful! Both types will melt if you touch them with your iron.
  • Glass heads are smaller than plastic heads, but won’t melt under the heat of your iron. (these are my favourite type of pins)


  • Pins basically have ball point, sharp or extra sharp points.
  • Ball points are round and used for knit fabrics.
  • Sharps are the most versatile and work with lots of fabric types.
  • Extra sharp points slide easily through finer fabrics.
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