Tutorial: Yoyo Necklaces and Brooches

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As I recall, the last time I made something using yoyos was when I was 9.  I made this horrendous clown doll entirely out of yoyos.  Ever since, I’ve associated yoyos with super tacky crafts — that is, until I saw a really cute necklace using yoyos that my friend Jen made.  Now I want to spread the word that yoyos can be cool!

These yoyo accessories are quick to make, and are unique, casual and pretty.  This is a great way to use scraps (or if you have a stash of fabric that is just too special to use, it’s a nice chance to use a bit!).


  • Several circles of assorted fabric (mine are 2″ – 3″ in diameter) ***
  • Thread
  • Hand-sewing needle
  • A chain, jump rings, a clasp and pliers (you could also use cord or ribbon)
  • Pinbacks

***Note that your yoyos will be approximately half the size of your original circle of fabric, and the part closer to the edge of the circle will be the part that shows on the finished yoyo.

  • With the wrong side of the fabric facing you, fold down approximately 1/8″ of the edge of your circle (as shown)
  • Thread your needle with matching thread and tie a double knot
  • Do a running stitch around the perimeter of your circle, sewing through the folded down fabric with the ends of your thread coming out toward you

  • Once you’ve stitched all around your circle, gently tug the end of your thread until the edges are all pulled together

  • Tie a double knot and trim your ends
  • Flatten and adjust the fabric so that the gathered part is in the centre
  • Voila! You have a yoyo.

  • Make a few yoyos out of assorted fabrics and find a nice arrangement of sizes and colours
  • Once you’ve found an arrangement you like, stitch each yoyo to the adjacent yoyos by doing a couple of stitches on the back — make sure that you only sew through the back layer of fabric, and that your stitches aren’t visible from the front!

At this point, there are loads of options for using these yoyo arrangements — you can add them to a plain tote bag or purse, put them on a cushion or make jewelry…

  • To make a necklace, use pliers to attach a clasp and jump rings to a chain.  Carefully stitch either end of your yoyo arrangement to the jump rings — try to make sure that it’s on the back so your stitches are hidden.

You’ve got yourself a yoyo necklace, yo!***

***Note: I feel that I should add a word of warning here:  Less is definitely more with these yoyo necklaces.  A quick Google search of “yoyo necklace” will show that there is a fine line between yoyo NECKLACE and yoyo BIB . To each her own, but make sure you hold up your necklace to see how it will look before making your necklace!

  • To make a yoyo brooch, simply stitch a pinback on to the back of your yoyo arrangement.

I really like this way of using yoyos — it’s a bit more understated, so you can get away with using louder colours and patterns.

The possibilities are endless once you’ve learned to make a simple yoyo. I hope this tutorial has inspired you to get your yoyo on!

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  1. Thanks for the clear and easy instruction. Love it!

  2. Ngozi .U says:

    Thanks so much. Your illustration is very simple to understand. I will try it out soonest!

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