A Very Late Christmas Present…

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You may recall a very optimistic and delusional post from mid-December where I thought that I could make a quilt in one week, in time to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas.  Looking back, one month wiser, I can see the folly of youth.  I obviously did not finish the quilt on time and, in fact, took about three weeks off from working on it.

Well, fair readers, I’m proud to say that I have finished what I started!


I made this quilt entirely out of second-hand fabrics, using seven men’s dress shirts for the patchwork and two high-quality double sheets for the backing and binding.  I tried to keep some pockets and tailored details from the shirts, and I’m happy with the result.

I recently bought a sewing machine with lettering stitches so I just had to make a little label for the quilt, which I appliqued on to the back.  Notice how the label says “Jan. 2011”?  I thought that by putting a date on it, I’d be forced to finish my quilt by the end of the month.  (It totally worked!)

It was challenging to sew such a large quilt when it came to the actual quilting stage.  The dimensions are 66″ x 90″, which meant a lot of bulk when I was quilting the centre of the blanket.  Also, it was tricky to accurately cut the binding and backing pieces in my small sewing space.

That said, this was a fairly easy quilt to make as the top was entirely made up of squares, and I quilted along the seam lines.  Now I’m itching to try some more complicated patchwork, but I’ll definitely start with something small …and give myself more than a week to finish it!

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