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If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a cat. Maybe it’s a horrible stereotype, but as far as I can tell, crafters are cat people.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It can definitely be a challenge to craft in the presence of a feline. You may not realize it, but any time you use a piece of thread or yarn, you’re actually giving your cat an open invitation to play with it, bat at it, or attack it (or you!). As I learned with my boyfriend’s cat this weekend, apparently the same goes for knitting needles.

Every crafter quickly learns that any flat surface you need to use or piece of fabric you want to pick up will be exactly where your kitty wants to sleep. (They’ll wake up eventually.)

There’s also the problem of cats eating things they shouldn’t. For example, Jordynn’s kitties will unfailingly eat any thread or fabric bits they find, so her sewing room has to be kept immaculate.  My friend Karen’s cat actually has a thing for eating sewing needles, which has led to more than one visit to the vet.  Scary stuff!

This photo (above) of Jordynn’s cats Chutney and Samosa brings us to another fun part of being a crafter with cats — they enjoy destroying stuff! Jordynn got home one day to find her furry friends had ripped up a toque she’d just finished knitting, and stuck around at the scene of the crime long enough for this picture. Good thing they’re so cute.

One last concern when you’re a crafter with cats is fur. No matter how hard you try to put away your fabric and sewing projects, everything will inevitably be covered in fur. Accept it.  Buy a lint brush.

Time and again, crafters will choose to deal with all of this rather than do without their favourite felines. Having a kitty or two around while you’re crafting provides a nice distraction when you’ve been concentrating for too long on a project, or had to rip apart more seams than you care to admit. They provide ample doses of entertainment and cuteness, and make crafting that much more awesome.

(A special thanks to Chutney, Samosa and Smokey for their help with this post.)

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