Confessions of a Sewer… Holiday Edition

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I don’t know what I’ve got myself into. I wanted to make my boyfriend something really special for Christmas but couldn’t quite think of the perfect present for him. That is, until I came across a post on the Workroom blog.  In this post, the woman who owns the shop lists the TEN quilts she has on the go, complete with amazing pictures. I was so inspired that I felt the urge to quilt again…

So, on December 11, I decided to make a quilt in two weeks, in time to give it to my boyfriend when he comes back from celebrating Christmas in Cape Breton.

What have I done???

Okay, I’m being dramatic.  I’m really excited to start such a big sewing project, and I alway like having a deadline to work towards. So, in the next two weeks, I’ll be making my second quilt, made entirely of second-hand fabrics!

I went to a local thrift shop and bought 7 men’s dress shirts, as well as two high quality sheets to use as backing and any extra squares I need.  The total came in at less than $50, which is pretty amazing considering the amount of nice fabric I bought.

At this point everything is washed and ready to be ironed and cut.  I plan to make a pretty simple quilt using 6″ squares, arranging them in diagonal stripes.

So, I guess this post ends with a cliffhanger:

Will Jessica be successful, and make a quilt in less than two weeks?  Or will she crack under the pressure and end up giving her boyfriend a Toblerone? Tune in on December 26 to find out!

Update:  It’s December 28, and I still haven’t finished the quilt!  The patchwork part is done, but it will be a couple of weeks yet… I’ll post pictures as soon as I finish!  Thank goodness for patient boyfriends :)

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  1. Jordynn says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with these fabrics! And I hope he doesn’t read our blog :)

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