Give The Gift Of Handmade!

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Just because you want to give handmade this holiday season doesn’t mean that everyone on your list needs to get another homemade scarf. There are tons of ways to make it a handmade holiday!

Buy Handmade

  • Do your holiday shopping at local craft shows
  • Find the perfect gift on Etsy (soon, if you want it to arrive in time for the holidays!)

Spread the Crafty Know-How

  • Give craft supplies (…check out our 3-part post on assembling a starter sewing kit if you’re shopping for a wannabe sewer)
  • You can never have enough craft books…
  • Gift certificates for lessons are a great idea for folks who are looking to learn a new craft, like sewing, pottery or crochet

Wrap It Up!

  • Make your own wrapping paper (screenprint it, stamp it, draw on it, reuse old paper…)
  • Wrap gifts up in fabric that can be reused
  • Sew up some gift bags

Get In The Kitchen!

  • Fact: Everyone loves delicious food.  Why not give the gift of your world-famous jam/gingerbread cookies/salsa?  (Make sure to include the recipe!)

…And, if all else fails, MAKE SOMETHING!!

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  1. Jess says:

    This post totally encouraged me to check out Etsy. . .and I found the perfect Christmas gift for Jay within a few minutes!

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