Make It A Handmade Holiday… For Him!

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I don’t know about you, but I can always think of a million things to make for the ladies on my gift list.  When it comes to the guys, however, it can be much trickier!  Here is Sewing School’s list of handmade gift ideas for your boyfriend, dad or little brother…

For his home…

Gifts he can wear…

  • Knit, crochet or sew a scarf, toque, mittens or socks to keep him cozy this winter
  • Sew him a one-of-a-kind tie
  • Offer to do some custom hemming and alterations for him

For the guy on the go…

  • A case for his phone, camera or MP3 player (check out our gadget case tutorial!)
  • A custom wallet or billfold
  • Reusable, upcycled market-bags that will help him be eco-friendly (using Jordy’s awesome tutorial!)
  • A man purse (…you can always tell him it’s a messenger bag or carry-all!)

Other fun stuff…

  • Sew or knit a beer cozy
  • Make anything Nintendo-themed… trust me on this one.  (Check out this tutorial for a Super Mario quilt that I used to make the cushion pictured here!)

We’d love to add to this list of handmade gift ideas for the fellas — Post your ideas in the comments!

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