Field Trip: Amy Sedaris Toronto Book Signing

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Last night we took a break from getting ready for our Handmade Holiday craft show to see Amy Sedaris who stopped in Toronto as part of her book tour for Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. (Check out our review here!)

Apparently Amy is a popular lady… this was our view during the interview and craft demonstration!  Amy made some of her classics, including a Twist Tie and her Crafty Candle Salad.  She also took some questions from the audience about her imaginary boyfriend Ricky, her brother David Sedaris, and her rabbit, among others.  Then she hunkered down for over two hours of book signing…

We brought Amy a very special gift — a denim poppy pouch with some bonus flair.  We added a few of our new Sewing School 1″ buttons, and Jordynn crocheted a couple of googly eye brooches. Behold:

Our gift went over very well.  In Amy’s words it was “hideous, in a good way.”

And, after standing in line for a mere two hours, Amy signed our books!  She even thanked us for the empty, blue-jean wallet.

Check out Amy Sedaris’ 2010 Book Tour Schedule to see if she’ll be visiting your town!

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  1. Jordynn says:

    If I look starstruck, it’s because I was!

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