Book Report: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

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From the little lady who brought you I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence is a new book that is going to revolutionize crafting as we know it. Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is the new offering from Amy Sedaris, someone who we all wish was our cool aunt.

Amy truly has a gift for coming up with fun and easy crafts for the whole family.  Some of my favourites include the pinecone tote (p. 54), the self-esteem shell collage (p. 57), and the potato ships (p. 102). And of course, her pièce de résistance, Amy’s crafty candle salad (p. 42).

One thing I loved about this book is the attention Amy gives to craft safety.  For example, she provides a handy step-by-step reference for craft stretching.  Here is one selection from her comprehensive eight-page guide:

Don’t let the title fool you — this isn’t just a book about crafts.  It’s also a fashion bible.  Amy Sedaris is one fashion-forward lady.  One thing I learned from Simple Times is that FRINGE IS BACK! (See the bonus poster for details.)

To sum up this review, I’ll say this:  Simple Times has 304 pages (and a dust jacket), and every one is as informative and inspiring as the ones shown here.  Pick up a copy today!

…and check out Amy Sedaris’ 2010 Book Tour Schedule to see if she’ll be visiting your town soon.  She’ll be in Toronto on November 29!

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