Make It A Handmade Holiday

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With decorations and holiday music starting at Halloween, and endless commercials about toys, electronics and jewelry, the holiday season can be super stressful and expensive.  Take the focus off shopping and spending by making it a Handmade Holiday! Whether that means making something yourself, buying handmade, or giving the gift of craft supplies or lessons, handmade gifts are where it’s at.  You’ll have more fun, save money, and give gifts that are special and will be treasured for years to come.

Not convinced?  Here are our Top 10 Reasons To Make It A Handmade Holiday!

  1. You’ll save money!
  2. You’ll avoid the mall! (…and the lineups, parking lots, disgruntled customers, impulse buys…)
  3. You’ll be giving gifts that people will treasure and remember. Can’t say that about a gift card!
  4. You’ll give people gifts made just for them, in just the right colour, size, etc.
  5. You’ll be supporting the handmade movement and independent artisans by buying gifts at local craft shows or on Etsy!
  6. It’s an excuse to learn a new skill, like crochet, jewelery-making or quilting.
  7. Having the holidays as a deadline can be a good thing. Crafting all too often gets put on the back burner.
  8. You’ll be giving one-of-a-kind gifts!
  9. You’ll have more fun! Seriously, what would you rather do: Sew or try finding a parking spot?  Knit or stand in a long cashier line?  I rest my case.
  10. You’ll avoid the mall! (Can’t stress that one enough.)
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