A Handmade Holiday: Streamers, Streamers, Everywhere…

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Last night I got to work on some decorations for the Handmade Holiday craft show that Sewing School is sponsoring in a few weeks.  Jordynn came across this awesome idea on My Paper Crane for sewn crepe paper streamers and after trying my hand at it I was immediately hooked!

These crepe paper streamers cost next to nothing — I got 50 m for $1 at the dollar store.  They’re also quick to make since it took me about 45 minutes to sew 50 m of streamers.  They may be cheap and easy, but these streamers still make a lot of impact!

All you have to do is put two coloured streamers one on top of the other and push them through your sewing machine, doing a simple straight stitch.  The ruffle effect is created by pushing more than one layer under the needle at once.

Because these streamers are sewn together, they are pretty sturdy and can be reused.  Last year, for a craft show that Jordynn and I helped to organize, I had sewn about 100 m of these streamers and carefully rolled them all up afterwards (even though it took forever!) so I could reuse them… but when I moved in September I didn’t think I’d use them so I threw them away!!!  Let this be a lesson: Never throw anything away!

I can’t wait to see these streamers in action on December 4th!  Stay tuned for more posts as we get ready for A Handmade Holiday!

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