Confessions of a Sewer

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Ok it’s confession time!

I really like sewing… I guess I love it (we started this blog, didn’t we?) But I think I have a bit of a problem. You see, I have three sewing machines… three!

Jordynn's Sewing Machine Troop

There’s my mom’s old Kenmore, which will be with me forever (can you be buried with a sewing machine I wonder?). It’s a great machine – heavy duty, metal body, lots of stitches, a great buttonhole maker.

Then there’s my Brother. (OH Brother!) This beast is an industrial I picked up when I was still mass producing Jordynn Mackenzie wares. It only has one stitch, a straight stitch, but boy is it a great machine. It’s SUPER fast, super straight and it even CUTS THE THREAD FOR YOU when you’re finished sewing a seam. Oh and did I mention its programmable panel? I am going to use this machine to whip up our mystery bags for our upcoming craft show, A Handmade Holiday.

OK so last but not least, the newest of the bunch and the one I’ve had the least amount of time (so far) to play with, my new Bernina!  It’s a Bernette 92C which I got at the Creativ Festival (Jessica has the same one, remember?)

Phew, it feels good to get that out. Actually come to think of it, SO WHAT if I have 3 sewing machines (…and a serger)?

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