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Sewing School has featured fabrics from Spoonflower before, but this sweet website really deserves its own post. allows users to create their own fabrics and buy designs from other users.  Check out this video from the folks at Spoonflower explaining the process of uploading designs and ordering fabric from them:

If you aren’t feeling creative, you can also browse around the site for fabrics that others have made and chosen to sell.  Users have the option to allow others to purchase their fabric from Spoonflower with a 10% commission.

A final note is that because Spoonflower uses a digital textile printer, it uses much less ink and water than traditionally manufactured fabrics, with no added chemicals.  (As if you needed another reason to check out this site!)

I could spend hours browsing the fabrics available on Spoonflower!  Here are just a few of my faves… (Click on the image be linked to each of these fabrics on

Jordynn and I are planning to design some fabrics on Spoonflower in the near future… stay tuned for that in an upcoming post!

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  1. vo says:

    Thanks for showing my design “Incognito is Neato” on your blog. :-) And btw, it was fun cruising your site. I wish I had the skill to make those darned cute owl mittens!

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