What’s Your Sewing Soundtrack?

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You probably have special playlists depending on what you’re doing: working out at the gym, getting ready for work in the morning, going on a long drive… What about a special set of tunes that you sew to? Music makes sewing that much more fun, and can do wonders when things get frustrating!

Here’s what we listen to while stitching:


What I listen to while I sew depends on my mood.  Sometimes I listen to something girly like Jenny Lewis or Zoey Deschanel.  Then there’s other times where I’m in the mood for something Motown and crank up the Supremes! And of course there’s my Hall and Oates days…

A lot of times, I listen to a podcast.  My favourites are:

It’s great to have a nice long story in the background while you work.  I definitely went through a phase where I listened to this TV show in the background while I sewed. But it kind of put me in a weird headspace…


When I sew I just want to sing along with fun rock music.  Podcasts and the news aren’t my thing while sewing, because I hate missing parts when using my machine.

I don’t know why, but I rarely listen to anything released after 1985 when I sew.   Nine times out of ten, I tune my radio in to Q107 (Toronto’s classic rock station) and leave it.  I find the sweet sounds of Supertramp, Rush and Electric Light Orchestra make any sewing project that much better… but sometimes I’ll switch things up with some Phoenix or Gorillaz!

We want to know what your sewing soundtrack is.  Leave some of your favourites in the comments!

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