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I can’t believe it’s already October 21st! That’s only 10 days left to plan and create your Halloween Costume.

Every Halloween my mom used to help us put together our costumes from items we already owned and anything from the Halloween bag in the closet. She sewed us some capes that ended up being used multiple years. But whatever we decided to dress up as, it was always handmade!

Here’s my costume last year. I was a California Raisin :)

I made the costume from two purple table cloths, which I first tried to sew together, then decided on duct taping.

This year I’ve got something planned that involves two knitted/crocheted beards….

And just for fun:

So what will you be for Halloween?

Leave us a comment and share your ideas or your favourite handmade Halloween costume.


Jessica here.  I wanted to share the stunning Halloween costumes that my friends and I made for Halloween last year…

Costumes include: Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Leela from Futurama, a monkey, the Spirit, a western omelette, Clint Eastwood, a stabbed adulterer, the Childish Emperess from Land Before Time, and a zombie Carebear for good measure.

The year before we were the characters from Aladdin:

(I love my friends!)

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  1. Allan says:

    Thanks Jordynn for your lovely tips.

    Its great to come across other people who discuss my passion!

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