Fabric Covered Buttons… Uncovered

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Fabric covered buttons are one of the best kept secrets among sewers — they look so polished and add a nice finishing touch to anything, yet they are SO easy to make!  Be warned, you may get addicted to these little guys!

You can pick up a button covering kit from any fabric or craft store.  The kit will have button fronts and backs, a button covering gadget (for lack of a better name!) and the back of the kit will have a chart showing you how much fabric you’ll need for the size of button you are covering.

Materials for Fabric Covered Buttons

There are four simple steps for covering a button:

  1. Place your fabric (right-side down) and the button front on top of the donut-shaped piece
  2. Push the fabric and button front straight down in to the hole
  3. Move all of the excess fabric into the centre of the button and place the button back on top of the excess fabric so none is poking out
  4. Push down on the whole thing until you feel the button back snap in to place

Voila!  A lovely little button!

Finished Fabric Covered Button

You can use these buttons to add some umph to so many  projects.  For example, check out this zippered pouch that was spruced up with a couple of buttons:

This is a great way to use up leftover bits of fabric, or to incorporate bolder fabrics into your project.  Make a few buttons today!

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