Tutorial: Poppy Pin

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Fall is here, and what better way to spruce up those jackets and cardigans than with a cute (and easy to make) poppy pin.  This is a fun way to use up scraps of fabric, and a great activity for kids.

Level of Difficulty: Easy


– 3 circles of stiff fabric (1 large circle and 2 smaller circles)
– thread
– 1 button
– 1 pin back or safety pin
– hand sewing needle

  • Using your sewing machine, finish the edges of your fabric circles using a zigzag stitch (You can avoid this step by using a fabric that won’t fray, such as felt or vinyl)

  • Layer your three circles on top of each other in a nice arrangement, with the largest circle on the bottom
  • Place your button on the top circle, and sew through the entire thing a few times

  • Then add your pin back to the bottom of the poppy, and continue sewing through until the button and pin back are secured

  • There you have it, your very own poppy pin!

You can also make your poppy into a hair pin, or sew it on to a purse or pouch.  Try using a few different fabrics, adding ribbon or lace, or using more circles — the possibilities are endless!

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