Sewing 101: Sit up straight! Proper Sewing Posture

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When you’re setting up your sewing space, it’s important to be aware of proper sewing posture.  Without proper posture, you could leave yourself open to backaches and fatigue.
You should…
  • use a chair that allows you to put both feet flat on the floor with your knees making a relaxed 90 degree angle.
  • have a sewing table low enough that when your hands are at the same level as your sewing machine needle, your elbows make about a right angle.

Get in the habit of keeping your arms, wrists and hands in line while you sew.  This will reduce tension in your wrists, back and shoulders, and allow you to sit up straight.  Please, please, please: Resist the urge to hunch while you sew!   Believe us, the right sewing posture will allow you to sew as long you want and feel great!

Here is Jordy attempting proper sewing posture at her industrial sewing machine. (…Jordy admits she slouches a lot!)

Sewing Posture

You can buy a sewing machine table or cabinet to hold your machine or you can get by with a regular desk or table that’s low enough for you to sit comfortably while you sew.

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