Sewing 101: Your Sewing Setup

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So by now you’ve gathered the necessary tools, but there are a few other things to have in place before you start to sew…

  • A large floor or table for laying out fabrics, tracing patterns and cutting out pieces
  • An ironing board and iron for pressing
  • A table for your sewing machine and a comfortable, chair
  • A lamp or bright window
  • A waste basket for all of your fabric trimmings and trimmed threads (there will be lots!)
  • Music! (ok… this isn’t essential, but it can really help the process)
  • You could also add a bulletin board to pin up fabrics, colours or anything that you find inspiring and beautiful…
Having all of these in one room will make sewing so much easier, and it’s super convenient if you have a space in your house or apartment set up just for sewing! Here’s a picture of Jordy’s first sewing space in a small room in the back of her house. Even the smallest space can be perfect for sewing.

Pink Olive Sewing Room

Pink Olive Sewing Room

Here’s the reading list for today:

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  1. avril says:

    I am loving sewing school! I’m already picking up some great tips.

    Keeping all your sewing stuff in one place makes a world of difference. I like putting everything in the best room in your house with the most natural light if possible. That way you’ll always want to go back to that room and sew sew sewwwww!!! vrooom!

    • Yes! That’s a great tip… I’ve heard of people sewing in their basements and I don’t know how they do it (unless their basements look totally different than mine). Natural light is your friend :)

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