Roll Call: Welcome to your first day of Sewing School!

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Hello everyone!
This is SEWING SCHOOL – your online resource for all things sewing.
Our lesson plans start with the basics, teaching you the skills to get started and eventually the confidence to master your sewing machine. We want you to adopt our motto: Sewing is fun! So who are we exactly? We are Jordynn Mackenzie and Jessica Krecklo Naidu; Self-taught sewers who love making, sharing ideas and learning new things. We want this site to be a place for sewing enthusiasts of all levels to find tips, lessons, inspiration, links and more.Jordynn Mackenzie and Jessica Krecklo of Sewing SchoolJordynn Mackenzie taught herself to sew on her mom’s sewing machine. She was immediately drawn to making wallets and bags and hasn’t stopped making them for almost 10 years! Jordynn works as a graphic designer and produces a line of sewing patterns, including the Jordy Bag, which was originally posted on

Since learning to sew, Jessica Krecklo Naidu has designed her own line of one-of-a-kind handmade handbags and accessories. Jessica is a public servant by day and all around city-nerd who gets her kicks from sewing, art and cats.

We met in 2005 while working at a local theme park and reconnected in 2009 as booth-neighbours at a craft show. Since then we’ve worked together to help organize a successful holiday craft show and look forward to many future collaborations.

We’re so excited to launch Sewing School!
Check back often for sewing tips, tricks, how to, ideas and inspiration.

We’re starting with SEWING 101 – a series that will teach you the basics of sewing and everything else you’ll need to know to start sewing.

Jordynn & Jessica

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  1. Maggie says:

    I am glad I found your site on Something Else from Port Colborne. I am book marking your site. I have been sewing forever but I still have so much to learn. I am about to graduate to a serger. OH OH could mean trouble.
    Thanks for all the tips and you have a great site. Keep up the good work girls.

  2. Asatsu says:

    So glad to come across this site, it is simply wonderful. You have great easy-to-understand instructions with clear pictures and really useful tutorials. Good job.

  3. boni p says:

    I am so glad I have found you. I just spent 2 1/2 days looking for advice on how to shape up an old machine and here you were with the answer to that and a whole lot of other questions. Best of luck to both of you and the site. I hope you never go away.

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